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lily barson - community gardener employee

Lily – Community Gardener at Groundwork London

Meet Lily, a Community Gardener at Groundwork London. Lily’s journey in the green space sector showcases not only her passion for the environment but also the varied and rewarding nature of a career in this field. The flexibility of training and a combination of volunteering and practical work experience formed the foundation of her career.

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Navigating Diverse Pathways to Success in Green Space Careers

Embarking on a successful career in green space can take various educational pathways, catering to individuals at different stages of their lives and learning style preferences. Whether you are a school leaver, an adult looking to upskill, or someone contemplating a career change, there are diverse training options to suit your needs.

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Exploring New Horizons: Career Opportunities in the UK’s Green Space Sector

If you’re looking for an abundance of career opportunities, look no further than the green space sector which is flourishing in the UK and offers a plethora of promising avenues for individuals with diverse interests and skills. Beyond the conventional image of working with trees and plants, this sector extends its branches to include various other exciting prospects, ranging from drawing and designing to marketing and fundraising.

Louisa: Future Gardeners Programmes Manager

As the Future Gardeners Programmes Manager at Bankside Open Spaces Trust, Louisa acts as a catalyst for change and opportunity in the green space sector. Louisa’s eight-year journey is a testament to resilience, transformation, and unwavering dedication.

Mustafa: Community Engagement Facilitator

In the vibrant landscape of the green space sector, Mustafa emerges as a cultivator of change and a champion for diversity. As the Community Engagement Facilitator at Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST), they have sown the seeds of transformation over a decade in the field.