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What is the Green Space Sector?

The green space sector refers to the industry and initiatives focused on developing, preserving, and utilising public spaces that could be greened within urban and natural environments. Activities are designed to enhance and promote the benefits of green areas, such as parks, gardens (private and communal), forests, and other natural landscapes including ‘in-between spaces’, like verges. 

The sector involves professionals from different fields, which requires a range of skills. From practical to technical, managerial and administrative, as well as funding, engagement and design. Together, we work to improve air and water quality, foster biodiversity, promote physical and mental well-being, and create sustainable and resilient communities. 

The green space sector plays a crucial role in creating healthier and more liveable environments for people and nature. Improving and increasing green space in urban areas is an important part of city resilience and adapting to and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

green space jobs

What are Green Space Jobs?

‘Green space jobs’ involve the preservation, restoration, and management of natural ecosystems and biodiversity, including but not limited to activities such as sustainable agriculture, conservation, ecological restoration, and forestry. These jobs prioritise environmental sustainability and contribute to mitigating the impacts of climate change through the land management of public parks, roadside verges, and football pitches, for example.  

These jobs offer skilled employment opportunities with vast opportunities for gaining qualifications and career development. There is a wide range of options available to individuals who are interested in working in the private and public sectors, such as with private contractors and local authorities, as well as opportunities to be self-employed.

There is a huge range of jobs, from frontline practical roles, such as arborist, grounds maintenance, surveyor, and gardener, to support roles in communications, contract management, and administration. Green space jobs can be for life; they can form careers or businesses like any other trade.

Find a list of current green space job opportunities on our Jobs Board.

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What is the Green Space Skills Hub?

The Green Space Skills Hub is part of the Mayor’s Green Skills Academy designed to deliver the commitments of the London Green Spaces Commission (LGSC) using climate adaptation and mitigation to create engagement, green jobs, and opportunities for wider training and skills development. The LGSC recommends how boroughs can be helped to develop, strengthen and secure their parks services. 

The Green Space Skills Hub is delivered by Groundwork London, an environmental and community charity that works with communities to create better places, improve people’s prospects, and promote greener living and working.