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As leaders in the green employment sector, we are seeking potential partners to join us into the journey to evolve the green space and skilled  sectors under the Green Space Skills Hub.

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Why work with the Green Space Skills Hub?​

Delivered by environmental and community charity, Groundwork London, and Parks for London, The Green Space Skills Hub is part of the commission by the Mayor Of London to improve access to skills and training in the horticultural sector and to make London’s green space as resilient as it needs to be for the future. The Green Skills Hub seeks to deliver the commitments of the London Green Space Commission, using climate adaptation and mitigation to create engagement and opportunities.
We are working to support organisations, job advisors and career coaches, individuals and employers to promote Green Sector vacancies/apprenticeships across the capital. This can range from administrative roles, landscape architects and horticulture roles, opportunities in the energy sector, waste and recycling, and more –  anything which helps our environment!
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