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Jack: A Green Space Apprentice

Have you considered a green space apprentice opportunity? Are you interested in starting a career in the green space sector? Consider joining an apprenticeship to learn the ropes from professionals and get hands-on experience in a field that is booming. 

Jack is now a green space apprentice at idverde, one of the top organisations in the industry. Jack’s story vividly illustrates the enriching learning experiences and promising career prospects that blossom through participation in an apprenticeship scheme within the green space sector.

For Jack, being an apprentice was a stepping stone in his journey to success and, one day, dreams of becoming a Ranger in a National Park.

“I have matured and bettered as a person… I am more confident now than I was at the start of the apprenticeship.”    – Jack

For more information about apprenticeships visit idverde’s website.

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