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Discover Green Space Careers in London: Become an Arborist

Are you passionate about nature, trees, and the great outdoors? If so, a career as an arborist might be your calling. Arborists, commonly known as tree surgeons, are tree care specialists who are crucial in preserving and maintaining our urban forests and parks. Here’s a glimpse into the world of arborism and what this rewarding career entails.

Arborist tree climber

Tree health and maintenance

Arborists are the guardians of our trees. They assess the health of trees, diagnose diseases, and develop care plans to ensure their vitality. This involves pruning, trimming, and even removing trees when necessary to ensure public safety and the environment.

Helping the environment

Arborists contribute significantly to environmental conservation. They plant and nurture trees, helping to combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and providing habitats for wildlife.

Keeping people and places safe

Using their expertise, arborists evaluate potential tree hazards to prevent accidents and property damage, for example, from falling branches.

Career development

As an arborist, you can choose various career paths, from climbing specialist to consulting arborist. The demand for skilled professionals in this field is rising and promises long-term job security.


Pursuing a career as an arborist does not always require formal education but you will need to obtain certain certifications. Joining an apprenticeship is one possible pathway, where you can learn technical skills, tree biology, and safety protocols. Check out London’s environmental college, Capel Manor, for relevant courses.

Feeding your passion

Above all, arborists are driven by a deep passion for trees and the environment as this career allows you to make a visible impact on the space around you.

If you’re ready to combine your love for trees with a fulfilling career, consider exploring the world of arboriculture. Your journey as an arborist promises growth, learning, and the satisfaction of nurturing and protecting Earth’s natural beauty.

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