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Capel Manor College: Your Gateway to London's Green Careers

Based in London, Capel Manor College offers fantastic career prospects and top training for those considering a future in the green space sector. Playing a vital role in London’s green agenda, it’s an excellent choice for school graduates as well as career changers exploring their options.

Here are just a few reasons why Capel Manor might be the best choice for you if you’re looking to begin a career in the green space sector.

Capel manor college London

High quality training

With over 50 years of experience, Capel Manor College is a trusted name in horticultural and environmental education. Skilled instructors combine theory and practical knowledge, ensuring you’re well-prepared for green space roles, such as grounds maintenance operatives and arborists.

Impressive facilities

The college’s campuses boast modern greenhouses, botanical gardens, and more, giving you a hands-on, exciting experience in a vibrant learning environment!

Diverse programmes

Capel Manor offers various programmes, including Horticulture, Arboriculture, Animal Management, and Landscape Architecture. You’ll find your path to match your interests and career goals.

Promising careers

London’s green space sector is booming! Capel Manor graduates land roles like urban planners, landscape designers, and conservationists.

Courses are available to adults of all ages, from first time students to experienced workers looking to upskill. With key locations across London and industry-experienced tutors, you can gain qualifications valued by land-based employers worldwide.

Building your connections

The college fosters a sense of community, which leads to valuable connections. These can turn into internships, jobs, or even entrepreneurial opportunities.

Capel Manor College can be your stepping stone into the green space sector. Whether you’re making a career change or deciding your post-school journey, it’s where your passion for the environment meets endless career possibilities. Join Capel Manor College and embrace a greener future in London.

If you’re unsure what careers await you in the green space sector, you can find inspiration by seeing what’s available on our job board.