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Aziz: A Green Space Trainee

Meet Aziz, a trainee with the Groundwork London Green Team.

Like many others, Aziz wanted a more rewarding career that would get him outdoors and spend his time doing something that gave him a sense of purpose.

Previously, unsatisfied with his work in retail, Aziz is now enjoying learning new skills and spending time in nature. In this story, he told us about planting seeds for the first time and his aspirations for the future.

Are you keen to find a more fulfilling and varied role? Have you considered a role in the green space sector? Read Aziz’s story to find out how he found his role in the Groundwork London Green Team. 

“One week after applying for a role, I joined the Green Team. The process went really quick and allowed me to leave universal credit after 3 weeks only”    – Aziz

Case Study - Aziz - Green Team

Groundwork London’s Green Teams are working to make London greener. You can get involved too!

Find about the different training options available to you and start your career in the green space sector by visiting Groundwork London’s website.

Or, if you are ready to start looking for your next opportunity in the green space sector, visit our jobs board to find your next role.