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Peter: A Horticulture Apprentice’s Story

Peter is currently engaged in a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Horticulture. The decision to embark on this apprenticeship journey was driven by his aspiration to deepen his job-related knowledge and broaden his skill set, particularly within the realm of landscape gardening. 

His aim is to not only expand his personal proficiency but also to provide accurate and informed guidance to colleagues and clients in the landscaping sector. A typical workday for Peter involves tasks such as planting native plants to establish a hedge, meticulously adhering to site specifications and preparation procedures.


Why did you decide to do this Apprenticeship?

“I decided to do the apprenticeship because I wanted to be more clued up on the job, to broaden my knowledge and know the correct way to become a qualified landscaping gardener. I also wanted to be able to give the correct information back to operatives and also company clients on the ground when they ask questions with regards to landscaping.”

Tell us about a recent day at work

“Myself and my operative were planting bare root whips (slender, unbranched shoot or plant) along a site boundary to create a hedge. We planted six per metre as specified on the site key. We managed to plant 163m, cane and guard the native plants, after we prepared the area with a Rotavator machine.

That day I received 10 pallets of mulching bark delivered to site and also had to check the tree root balls were covered in hessian bag as it was quite cold and we weren’t going to be able to install the tree in the public open space (POS) until the following day.
Towards the end of the day we cleared up our area of work, packed all tools used on to the back of the van, and headed back to the yard to finish off our day.”

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